E3 Day 1: Microsoft Press Conference Recap

E3 2010 has official begun. Here’s a quick recap of what we’ve seen at the Microsoft Press Conference.

Press Conference opens with a video trailer of Call of Duty: Black Ops from Treyarch. It’s looks like much of the same, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Live demo is shown of the game. Again, more of the same modern Call of Duty we’ve seen before. Attack chopper sequence was very nice, although probably would have been better if the presenter wasn’t terrible at the game.

Microsoft and Activision have signed a 3 year limited exclusivity deal for DLC. All DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops for 2010, 2011, and 2012 will arrive on the Xbox 360 first. No word on whether this deal applies to other Activision titles or how soon 360 owners will get content before it appears on the PS3 or PC.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is shown with some in-game footage. It looks like a fusion of Metal Gear Solid with Ninja-Gaiden-esque game play mechanics. Lots of interesting sword play. Game stars Raiden who sports a new look, in my opinion better than his look in Metal Gear Solid 2.

Gears of War 3 shown with a 4-player co-op multiplayer demo. What can I say here, it’s Gears of War, only with bigger bad guys, more gore, and some new moves. Dude Huge is surprisingly good at his own game. Most developers so far have been horrible at their own demos.

Fable 3 is shown with some in-game footage strung together with CG cut-scenes. Peter Molyneux promises a bunch of things,  again. If history is any indication, half of these promises will eventually be cut from the game.

New 360 exclusive title from Crytek is announced. Codename: Kingdoms is a 300-esque Roman/Greek themed game. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of other details. No gameplay footage is shown. We aren’t even told which genre this is going to be. Everyone just assumes some sort of God of War action/adventure title for now.

Halo: Reach campaign footage finally shown. It’s everything we’ve already seen in the beta plus ship combat in space. That was an interesting surprise.

Xbox Kinect is debuted. Has a ton of cool tech features. Facial recognition is shown via instant login. Voice recognition is show via control of the UI through simple voice commands. Engineer says “Zune” and it brings up Zune. Full body motion sensing shown via hand movement control of the UI. Video camera demonstrated via VideoKinect. Two girls are shown using video chat across Xbox Live.

Kinect Video will also be available to Microsoft Live Messenger Network allowing you to video chat via both PC and Xbox Live.

Xbox Live is coming to Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is bringing ESPN coverage to Xbox Live. Over 3,500 live streaming sports events including NCAA football and basketball, NBA, MLB, and Soccer. Unfortunately no NHL or NFL for now due to content contract restrictions with DirectTV and Versus. The UI for this was Kinect voice and motion compatible, presenter said “Replay” and it showed a replay of the last play. It boasts a bunch of other features like trivia games and so forth. This is coming free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Now they start showing off the new Kinect exclusive games starting with Kinectimals, aka Nintencats. The demo is a little girl playing with a fully interactive baby tiger. The cuteness factor is through the roof.

Kinect Sports, aka Wii Sports, is shown. Includes the typical sports games we’ve seen on the Wii – track racing, boxing, soccer, volleyball, etc.

Kinect Joy Ride, aka Mario Kart, is shown. Steer with your hands, boost by punching towards the screen. Looks like fun but nothing we haven’t seen before.

Kinect Adventures is shown. Looks like more mini-game shovelware that we saw during the Wii’s early years. I should mention that while all these titles seem to be Wii knock-offs, they all do have much better graphics and a few little tweaks to make them unique to customers. Kinect Adventures, for example, had some very nice White-water Rafting gameplay with amazing water physics.

YourShape: Fitness Evolved is Ubisoft’s new exercise game. Looks very similar to EA Sports Active for the Wii sans controller. Demo shows full range of motion and excellent motion tracking. This should offer some good competition to the other exercise games out there already.

Dance Central is a new dancing game from Harmonix. Boasts 600 different dance moves, 90 different routines (many pulled from music videos), and a slew of songs. Most of them seem to be hip-hop and pop music titles. Lady Gaga is mentioned by name to be included.

Kinect will launch with 15 titles, unfortunately most of them are shovelware. There’s like 4 sports games, 2 dance games, 2 exercise games, and then the rest are mini-games. Kinect will be available Nov 4, 2010.

Untitled Star Wars game is shown. Lightsaber fighting via Kinect. This won’t be a launch title, coming in 2011.

Forza Motorsport 3 is shown with new Kinect compatibility. Presenter is driving with only his hands, no controller. New mode where you can check out your car by walking around it. The camera is able to follow your movements. You are also able to get inside the car and check out the inside.

Last big announcement of the show is the Xbox 360 “Slim” (will be called Xbox 360 S at retailers). Specs include a 250 GB HDD, internal Wi-Fi adaptor, HDMI, smaller size, quieter fans, less power consumption, and less heat generation. Will be available at retailers later this week for $299.

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  3. Wow, nice recap. I wish I were there. Can’t make i this year. Some Halo exclusive please..


  4. my opinion: I still like with metal gear solid

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