David Jaffe is a Hypocrite

I normally wouldn’t dare calling out another developer by name. But, sorry, Mr. Jaffe, you’ve finally said something so ridiculous that I can’t bare to let it go without pointing and laughing.

A few days ago, and you’ve probably heard this because it has been posted literally everywhere on the internet now, David Jaffe hinted that Sony should sue Microsoft (and that his studio should sue a small-budget movie) for having similarly worded titles. His reasoning is that Twisted Metal (a game about combat with cars) and Scrap Metal (another game about combat with cars) are too similar in name. The legal reasoning would be that the Scrap Metal title is trying to confuse and dilute the trademark and brand recognition that “Twisted Metal” has developed over the years.

Now the funny part comes in that Jaffe is only pointing out how other games are similar in name to his games. Which is ironic that Jaffe would make such an argument, considering his own past experiences with copyright infringement and trademark issues.

But the icing on the cake is the recent information regarding the Playstation Move. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Playstation Move is, by most accounts, a direct rip-off of the Wii Controller and Nunchuk. Now, some Playstation fanboys will try to pick apart the very, very few details which separate the two, but by all accounts they are exactly the same. And one of the first games to take advantage of the Playstation Move controller? Sports Champions. A game that is a variety of sports games packaged together to make use of the motion controls.

Hmm, doesn’t that sound similar to Sports Resort or Wii Sports? Two games made by Nintendo that are a collection of sports games packaged together to make use of the motion controls?

Well, well, Mr. Jaffe, I guess you should expect two letters then, huh?


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  1. What I want to know is how did Sony get around all of Nintento’d patents… hopefully they either get the shish sued out of them or Nintendo got a sweet licensing deal.

  2. I didn’t realize that the Move was using internal motion sensors in the hand-held unit. That does make it a little more similar to the Wii-mote than a purely motion cap device. However the differences do pretty clearly make it all around better than the wii-mote. Just makes me wish Nintendo would have beat them to the punch in truly improving their own hardware.

    • Actually, the Wii-Mote with Motion Plus is more accurate and can allow for more elaborate motions (with the Nunchuk also having motion sensing) and greater range of motion than the Playstation Move.

      Additionally, the Playstation Move is sold completely separately with a starting price of $99.99 and only works with a very limited number of Playstation 3 games. And there’s the crutch of purchasing a +$400 Playstation 3 first. In the end, a customer would have to pay roughly double for an equivalent “Wii experience” on their Playstation 3 with an extremely limited library of games.

      • Sold!

        So long as the Wii-motion plus actually gets a library of games to go with it….

      • Some more infos.

        All new Wii-motes are being sold as Wii Motion Plus bundles. Rumor is that all upcoming first party Wii games will support (in most cases require) Motion Plus.

        The Playstation Move demos at GDC showed off the system. However, something only a few people noticed was that the majority of the demos required *2 Playstation Move controllers per player*. That effectively doubles the cost, since each controller is sold separately and costs $100 a piece.

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